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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  October 8, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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everybody. 15 year wait is over, orioles fans got to say playoff game at camden yards but not without mother nature throwing them a curve ball. meningitis outbreak continues to get worse. how many people in maryland are affected. a live update ahead. city officials want to make sure your children stay in school. the plans to combat chronic absences. thank you for joining us. charley crowson out live at the yard. we will check in with him in a bit. a rainy day yesterday.
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let's send it over to lynette charles. it's here to stay for today and warming things up then. rain showers are gone, not picking up on a lot this morning. in to the afternoon, there is a possible for more rain to push in to the picture. we have the game tonight, but we could be having the rain gear and maybe rain delays. now, temperatures are very chilly this morning. very brisk, 41 arbutus. annapolis 46. 41 buoy. grab the coat as you head out the door. we are looking at the planner throughout the day. waking up to chilly temperatures around 9:00. 44 degrees. 48 around 11:00. lunchtime 54, with partly cloudy skies. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. we are dealing with patchy fog. you want to expect reduced
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visibility. using the jfx in to the city, there is nothing to get in your way traveling southbound to fayette street. up to speed through the fort mc henry as wells that harbor tunnel. using 695, a live look outside, at the west side, liberty road. everything moving along, no delays towards 95. a live look in parkville at the beltway, harford, nothing in your way traveling down the inner loop to 95 or the outer loop. clear up to towson. that's a look at your time saver traffic. a 2.5 hour rain delay didn't take the energy and e motion out of the crowd gathered for the first playoff game since 1997. power surge from the yankees in the 9th that took the electricity out of the yard. charlie, the o's don't have time to dwell in the loss.
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>> reporter: like you said, it's been 15 years since playoff baseball was played here in charm city. 2.5 hour delay didn't matter one bit. atmosphere was electric. we have a fan with us now, who has hung around overnight and flew in from south florida. you are a long time o's fan. >> yes, sir. grew up going to memorial stadium when i was a child. >> reporter: you were in tampa, came back for tonight. >> yes, sir. felt great. felt great to be in the playoffs after 15 years. >> reporter: from an o's fan who watched the o's pla in memorial, coming to camden yards and the feeling of the fans waiving the orange towels. >> i got one of these orange towels to wave around and the fans leaving, when the game was
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dying, when the yankees started leading, kids were sitting there in t-shirts and shorts, sticking around the watch the game. sticking around. how do you not stay? how do you not stay? >> reporter: you have to stay. we are talking about game two tonight played at camden yards, 8:00 first pitch, you can't stay? >> i can't. i got to go back. my flight leaves at 8:30 in the morning today. i came up for one night, one night only because it's a once see the o. s in the playoffs -- o. s 's in the plawtñkq. >> reporter: that's the atmosphere, that's the feeling among a lot of orioles fans. i talked to fans at the game, that was the consensus, even during the rain delay. they were waiting. some fans saying they couldn't remember the last time they
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were here for an o's game like this. something this important for 6ñwe will be live throughout the morning on good morning maryland. now, back in to the warm studio with you. exciting moment for a perry hall high school student as he took to the pitchers mound before the post season orioles game. daniel and his guy guidance counselor threw out the first pitch. the two longest tenured orioles both out with injuries, caught the first pitch. we have had of fans sending in pictures from game. we posted them on the website and facebook. if you have great shots, we would love to see them. you will be at tonight's game.
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here is the email address, put orioleses in the subject line so we can check it out. today, we want to let you know about things happening, always forget about the football team, the ravens played last night. more on that game coming up. glennwood residents are getting a new fire station. this is happening today. that's because howard county executive ken you willman along with the chief, william goddard will be participating, a dedication ceremony happening. it's going to provide quick access to places like routes 97 and 70 as well. the first new fire station to be built in howard county since
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1994. how would you like to watch monday night football with one of the ravens? listen to this. tonight you can do that, because governor martin o'malley and ravens line backer, are hosting a watch party to raise money for marriage equality. the event will be held at mothers in federal hill at the bar and grill happening at 8:00. he supports question six. another raven, burke, has come out against it. flu season around the corner and now is the time to take preventive measures. there will be a free walk in flu shot clinic, this is happening at white marsh mall. staff from st. joe's will on hand to give out the shots, and also offer advice as to how to stay healthy. this clinic will open today, it's happening from 10:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening. children ages 9-17 must be with
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a paint or guardian to get a flu shot. you are looking a at live picture of orioles park. camden yards, pretty chilly out there and damp. still dark. lynette has a look at the forecast to see if showers are coming in. please say no. the 2.5 delay was brutal. >> i have to keep you prepared. you are going to need the rain gear. we are dealing with the chilly temperatures. we have showers, some thunderstorms back around tennessee and also mississippi. that's not working in to our area, but there is one lone shower in virginia. the spotty shower, this morning, mainly clear skies, giving way to chilly temperatures this morning and speaking of the temperatures, here they are. look at manchester, 38 degrees right now, frost and freeze warnings towards the west.
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emmittsburg 38. 39 middletown, 41 annapolis. baltimore 46. bel air, 38 and 45 and federalsburg, we are working with very dry air this morning. with the dry air, clear skies, dealing with radiational cooling. all the heat from the day escapes in to the atmosphere. we are able to get chilly this morning. we could see the dew points bone dry coming in at 35, and york now, 38 hagerstown and fed rick 37. 41 baltimore and also dc and 46 in easton. back over to meagan. still ahead on good morning maryland, exciting day for columbia residents living on what used to be coon hunt court. what is happening and why they are looking for a change, coming up.
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making headlines around the nation, jerry sandusky heads to court tomorrow for his sentencing. the former penn state assistant coach faces life in prison, when he is sentenced for molesting ten boys over the course of a 15 year period. he was convicted on 45 counts of child sex abuse. three victims are suing the university. the crew on board the coast guard cutter confidence hauled in quite a catch this weekend. they found 82 bails of marijuana and cocaine on the open sea. this is just south of cuba. those drugs were probably thrown overboard to avoid by
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smuggelers making a run. the drugs weighed in at nearly 3000 pounds and carry a street value of over $2 million. massive search on in colorado for a ten year old girl, she disappeared on her way to school last friday. her backpack was found 6 miles away from where she was seen. police have been following leads in the case and have made their way to missouri where the girl's great grandmother lives. volunteers searched looking through open spaces for clues in to the girl's disappearance. police don't believe she was taken by a relative or someone she knows. take a look at this, it didn't stop some people in minnesota from enjoying the snow. you got to ski. a ski area open for business this weekend, those eager to enjoy the white stuff took to the slopes. interestingly enough, two weeks ago, the water slides at the
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same resort were up and running. goes to show you how quickly things can change. time for a check on weather as well as traffic. probably people up there heading anywhere downtown know about the game and what is going on. expect congestion near camden yards. hopefully the orioles have better luck than last night. we played really well. >> if you bough panchos yesterday, bring them today. we will see rain showers out there as we head in to the 80s time frame. let's talk about the temperatures, that's the big story. not so much the wet weather, the wet weather came in overnight. it's gone. those clouds have been clearing as well. these temperatures have really dropped off this morning. 37 in frederick right now. glennwood 36 and 43 gaithersburg. western maryland, dealing with frost and freeze warnings across the area.
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very chilly outside this morning. as we look at the satellite and radar, not a lot to pick up on. showers and thunderstorms back off towards the south and west. this looks like it will move in to the yeah. in to the afternoon, that's when we will have the better chance for showers in the forecast. the timing is not the greatest. we have the big game against the yankees. this is going on as we look at today in terms of the temperatures, we have that trough, the dip in the jet stream. see that is anchoring in or ushering in chilly temperatures. we will wham warm up through the week. things looking up if you don't like the chilly weather or temperatures below average. future trend, not a lot this morning. we have the chance for shower as we go in to the afternoon. we will get more shall sunshine in to tuesday. 57 degrees, mostly cloudy, cool and in to tonight, 42 degrees,
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showers possible and chilly. a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. you will want to expect reduced vis ability cross the region. it was bad along route 1. slow down and turn on the low beams. arundel county, no problems on interstate 97. nice and clear heading to route 50 or north up towards 695. howard county, no delays on interstate 70, columbia pike over to 695, checking in and looking at the west side of the beltway at old court, everything along, no delays now in pikesville. 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 795, down towards 95. this is what the beltway looks like at bel air road. no problems on the interloop towards 95. it's clear on the outer loop up towards towson. that is a look at your time
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saver traffic. starting today's, coon hunt court will no longer exist in columbia. howard county executive and councilman ball run vailing the street sign with the name april wind court. earlier this year, 6 households petitioned the county to change the name from coon hunt court because of a handful of disorderly incidents on the street. days away prom the first and only vice presidential debate. candidates now are preparing for a match up. politicians weighing in on who they say are going to come out on top. christian mulcher explains why the pressure now is on the vice president, joe biden. >> reporter: [no audio] all right we apologize, we are having a technical error. we will find the story and bring it to you later on during the show.
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five things you may want to know as you head out the door, small post offices around the nation, plan on cutting their hours or closing down this by 2014, the postal service says first class mail deliveries have been decreased and that is by 25%, in the last 6 years causing revenue losses in the billions. they expect to lose 15 billion this year alone. unmanned capsule is on its way to the international space station. it is the first of a dozen flights nasa contracted for space x to help resupply the station. the rocket is expected to get to the station sometime early wednesday. if you haven't seen them just wait, they are coming. take a look at the screen. the creepy, crawly and can stink, too. the warm weather has stink bugs invading many homes. to help keep the pests out, seal or caulk cracks around your home and keep indoor
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lighting to a minimum. ñare attrac lights. iphone users, they found another problem with the new iphone 5. users have reported bright purple haze in the photos that are take within the new phone. this is whether they point it in the direction of strong light, a certain source there. all you have to do is reposition your camera so the light source is off screen. honda recalling about 489,000crv cross overs because of a potential electrical fire, recall affects models from 2000 2, to 2006, the company says rain and other liquids could enter through an open window and basically damage the power switch causing to it overheat. no injuries have been reported. fires have been reported. that's something you want to check out if you drive one of those cars. with the dropout rate sky high in schools around the country, educators are working to keep
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the numbers down. coming up, the plan they are putting together in hopes of keeping kids inside the classroom. thousands are getting ready to hit the streets for a worthy cause. how you can take part in the komen race for the cure. çñ
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rod williams has come a long way. in 7th grade, missed 33 days of school and in danger of dropping out. >> there would be days i would stay home, play the game, eat, sleep, that's about it, watch
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telephone. he struggled to get passing grades at a school where he didn't feel the teachers cared. that's where karen weber came in. >> i saw him on the first day of school. one of the teachers who knew him said this boy hasn't been in school for days and days. this is going to be a different school year for you. we expect to see you here. >> reporter: at 17 he is a sophomore in high school with perfect attendance and grades improved. especially in math. >> i got b's and b pluses. >> reporter: [technical difficulties] maryland, the rate is 11%, one of six states tracking the issue.
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>> it's a hidden problem. it's like bacteria in a hospital. it creates havoc, but you don't know it because you are not measuring it. >> reporter: low income students are more likely to miss class, due to transportation or health issues and sometimes because they have to work or take care of family members. >> we have to go the extra mile. we are texting parents now. the school system is texting principals and saying there are a large number of students ab sent. they use robocalls to alert parents. social workers talk to families when students are missing too many days and students are rewarded for good attendance like this elementary school. >> who is excited to come to school everyday? >> reporter: which won a field trip, grant and a visit from the mayor.


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